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Narrative films:
the homeless man from "At The Second Traffic Light"

At the Second Traffic Light: Spring 2000; 20:50 minutes; 16 mm Film/Color

An accident blocks traffic at an intersection and forces individuals from different backgrounds, who would ordinarily have nothing to do with each other, to interact and to resolve the situation.

Wrote, directed and co-edited project. 

Weti’s Poem: Summer 1997; 4:30 minutes; 16 mm Film/ Black and White

Visual interpretation of a poem “Sadness”, written by Weti, a 12-year-old girl.

Produced, directed and edited project.


Tchebelew: Fall 1996; 15:10 minutes; SVHS

A story about an Ethiopian couple who lives away from home and struggles to survive the hardships of a new life.  In spite of a relationship that has gone bad, they hang on to it because it remains to be the only thing that gives them a sense of security in their new environment.

Produced, directed, and edited project.


Lucy Gebre Egziabher behind the camera on the set of "At The Second Traffic Light"
Lucy behind the camera

Bag-Age: Spring 1996; 10:20 minutes; 16mm Film/Color

A story structured in three parallel sequences that represent the three major stages of life and the baggage one carries in this cycle.

Produced, wrote, directed and edited project


Emancipation: Spring 1995; 7:20 minutes; 16 mm Film/Black and White

A day in the life of an Ethiopian living in the U.S. who struggles to preserve his national identity.

Produced, wrote, directed and edited project.